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Compelling Case For a Polyclinic in Kāpiti

Kāpiti Health Advisory Group Member, Ian Powell, has had an article published by Newsroom, about our innovative initiative for the development of a publicly owned and provided integrated healthcare one-stop ‘polyclinic’ covering general practice, urgent care and less complex non-acute hospital care on the Kāpiti Coast.

The article states:

"The objectives are to integrate primary and secondary care, expand healthcare access through this ‘one-stop shop’, and reduce pressure on Wellington Hospital. The focus is on delivering a wider range of services including 24/7 urgent care (not to be confused with an emergency department), a much wider range of hospital specialist outpatient clinics, relevant diagnostic services such as radiography, tele-health, beds for post-operative recovery where appropriate, and increased GP capacity.

The ‘compelling case’ for an integrated health facility will go to the Kāpiti Coast District Council in the first instance for approval. Subject to the district council’s approval, the case will then go to Te Whatu Ora which has been alerted to this initiative in an informal discussion with its relevant senior representatives. This was an encouraging constructive discussion. It is also possible there may be further engagement with Te Whatu Ora in the development of the 'compelling case' itself”.


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