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About KHAG

In 2017, concerned at the difficulties many people in Kāpiti were facing accessing health services, Mayor Gurunathan asked Kathy Spiers to set up a meeting of interested parties and explore options for improvements that could be made to health and wellbeing in Kāpiti.

From that meeting the Kāpiti Health Advocacy Group (KHAG as it was then) was set up to identify health service improvements needed for Kāpiti.  A second group was set up to arrange a petition seeking a hospital for the area.

By the end of 2018 it had become clear that the community expected the emphasis to shift from advocacy to action and in July 2019, Kāpiti Health Advocacy Group evolved into a smaller Kāpiti Health Advisory Group, currently Chaired by Sandra Daly.


KHAG Executive

Chair: Sandra Daly

Deputy Chair: Kath Speirs

Finance Committee: Helen Anderson, Don Hunn, Iride McCloy 

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