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Examination in the Patient Room

Kāpiti Health Advisory Group

Working towards better access to health services for Kāpiti

Our Vision

The Kāpiti Community has appropriate, affordable and timely access to the services required to meet its health and associated needs.

Health & Wellbeing Directory

Find all of the available services available within the Kāpiti Community as well as nationwide sercies.

Our Priorities

After extensive consultation with the Kāpiti Community, we identified five key priorities where we believed additional focus, services and support were needed.

This website will keep you up to date as we work through these priorities.

Urgent Care And After Hours


Unnecessary visits to emergency departments

Availability of after hours services

Planning for civil defence emergency



Capitalise on ambulance diversion initiative

Work with partners on improvements

Access to services



Excellent services at Wellington and Kenepuru but…

Barriers to access from Kāpiti – cost, time, transport difficulties



Improved transport options

More health services in Kāpiti

Innovative digital and technical solutions

Care of Disabled People



Distance and access to services

Lack of services locally


Services not well integrated


Improved services locally

An integrated approach to services

Mental Health



Lack of resources, particularly for young people

No crisis centre in Kāpiti

Lack of specialist support, eg perinatal mental health


Identify services and provide information

Encourage collaboration

Monitor implementation of 2020 budget plans

Care of Older People


28.6% of Kāpiti residents over 65

More attention needed on older residents

Better integration of health and wellbeing services


“One stop” shop partnering

Greater involvement in own care decisions

More services locally

Kāpiti Health Statistics

See the latest facts and figures for our district.

Other Public Health Resources

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